Performance And Sympathy For the Devil

These two clips are tied together in various ways. First Mick Jagger is in both clips. Second, these clips utilize Jagger’s status to gain the attention of the audience. These clips are attempting to combine The Rolling Stones and the black power movement.  These artists use music and the speed of image change to emphasize the theme behind the images shown and to gain the attention of the audience.   Two contrasting themes run throughout the film. Performance shows the contrast between death and sensuality.  Music is used to enhance each theme. For example, when talking about death the music is loud and harsh in comparison to the soft soul-try music used when showing images of sex and sensuality.  Fast cutting too and from each theme. A faster cut time is used when themes of death are displayed to show the harshness of the word where slower cut times are used when themes of sensuality are being displayed to show the softness of the word.  These techniques were also used in Sympathy for the Devil.



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