The Stones

The early clips of The Rolling Stones, shown in class, were in black and white. The Stones were shown playing in a crowd of people and simple camera techniques were used. For example the frame would either show a wide shot of the whole band or a close-up shot of each individual. Their clothing was as simple as the stage and their “dance moves”.  In the later black and white clips the camera would pan the crowd and the stage was raised so The Stones were higher than the crowd.

Color brought a whole new style to the way The Rolling Stones were filmed, the way they dressed and the way they acted on stage.  In the video “Satisfaction”, superimposed images opened the video. The camera would dart around, quickly flashing from the crowd to the band and back. Varying camera angles were used and the lead singer was more of a focal point.  The Stones’ clothing became more colorful and they used the stage more (moved around on the stage, danced, etc).  In 2006 The Stones were filmed on a Vegas-like stage (lots of lights, glitz and glam). It was filmed from a camera an audience member had and the band looked like ants. The only way to see The Stones clearly was on huge TVs set up on stage.


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