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David Cameron has vowed to do ‘whatever it takes‘ to restore order after the riots: this seems to include blocking access to social networking sites.

As the winds of liberation and freedom sweep across the Arab world aided by social media, cyber activists from North Africa are seen as front runners for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to be announced in Oslo Friday.

New Study Quantifies Use of Social Media in Arab Spring

ScienceDaily (Sep. 14, 2011) — In the 21st century, the revolution may not be televised — but it likely will be tweeted, blogged, texted and organized on Facebook, recent experience suggests.






Social Media and the Arab Spring

We would like to confront the issue of the riots in the Middle East and how social media was used to catalyze this revolution.  Mediums such as facebook and twitter are the only uncensored ways to spread information in a society that sensors their media.  We plan to use clips from youtube, newspaper articles, and journals to show how media is censored and used in the Middle East through a video presentation.  Media helps shape a society.


I am working with Erin Patrick Murray.